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Evelien, Ev for short
31 December 2012 @ 11:59 pm
Below is a list of what you can find in my journal.
Dates are put like this: year/month/day.
Enjoy! :)

[2011/05/09] Welcome to my new LJ: an introduction
[2011/06/09] My feedback (buying and selling)
[2011/10/15] I'm back!!
[2011/12/24] Merry Christmas everybody!

Dolls: photostories made by me
[2011/05/09] [Photostory] - #1 - Evelien and Lauren go shopping (ft. Pamela Love, Mini Barbie, Polly Pocket)
[2011/10/17] [Photostory] - #2 - Summer swap: from Amera to Sosha (ft. 60cm Obitsu)

Dolls: my resin ABJDs
[2011/12/17] Dolly crisis: introducing Ellie, my first resin BJD
[2011/12/24] Dolls coming and going...
[2011/12/31] Ellie has a new wig!
[2012/01/02] My second BJD: meet Mya!
[2012/01/07] Ellie's new skinny jeans
[2012/04/01] Back to introduce my Unoa/Lati hybrid!
[2012/04/02] The arrival of my dreamdoll: Asleep Eidolon Blueberry
[2012/04/05] Anne up close and personal!
[2012/04/14] My Unoa Lusis/Lati hybrid finally has a face!
[2012/04/25] I'm sexy and I know it.
[2012/04/30] Meet Wendy!

Dolls: my Ellowyne Wilde "Moody Blues"
[2011/05/17] My first Ellowyne Wilde: a precious birthday gift
[2011/10/15] A new look for my Ellowyne

Dolls: Obitsu 1/12
[2012/01/11] Meet Rosie, my 11cm Obitsu with Parabox Muffin head!
[2012/01/14] Rosie @ school

Dolls: Polly Pocket
[2012/01/03] A new obsession: modern Polly Pocket dolls
[2012/01/04] I'm seeing double...
[2012/01/05] Making wigs for Polly Pocket
[2012/01/08] My latest Polly Pocket girls

Dolls: Obitsu 1/6
[2011/05/10] My little Nano Haruka is here!
[2011/05/27] Little Obitsu progress and big Obitsu incoming!
[2011/05/27] Meet Eiki! + epic MSC fail
[2011/05/28] My little Eiki after some touching up :)
[2011/06/08] Eiki's faceup version 2.0
[2011/10/15] Eiki's little Obitsu Nano Haruka friend Dizzy

Dolls: Obitsu 1/3 (gone)
[2011/05/27] Little Obitsu progress and big Obitsu incoming!
[2011/06/08] Waiting for my first big Obitsu...
[2011/06/15] Obitsu Gretel 60cm: box opening!
[2011/10/17] My first big Obitsu: Sosha
[2011/10/17] My second big Obitsu: Eva
[2011/12/24] Dolls coming and going...

Dolls: my Little Pullip/Obitsu hybrids
[2011/05/09] My Little Pullip Donkey has arrived...
[2011/05/11] My first Little Pullip hybrid: Johanna!
[2011/06/07] Johanna in her new clothes
[2011/10/15] Johanna's sister Kim has finally arrived!

Dolls: Pullip, Isul and J-Doll (gone)
[2011/05/12] J-Doll Gran Vía: bonding problems
[2011/10/15] Isul Hamilton: a precious gift and unexpected love
[2011/10/16] Meet Emma!
[2011/10/16] Emma gets her first outfit... and her first two teddybears
[2011/10/17] And we're off to Berlin!
[2011/10/22] Back from Berlin
[2011/10/22] I'm in dolly heaven this morning...
[2011/10/22] My very first Pullip: meet Natalie!
[2011/10/23] Natalie's first outfit
[2011/10/26] Natalie's got new eye chips and lashes!
[2011/11/01] My second Pullip has arrived: Neo Noir (Noelle)
[2011/11/08] Noelle's new wig!!
[2011/12/24] Dolls coming and going...

- Ev

Evelien, Ev for short
30 April 2012 @ 11:58 pm
The last doll I haven't introduced yet, is my Only-Doll RuoDie. In the meantime I have bought more dolls that are on their way - I know, I know, bad Evvie - but once I've shown you this little lady I'll have shown you my entire current gang! ^^

Meet Wendy. I got her brand new from Mint on Card as a blank normal skin pre-order. I think she's terribly cute, but until now I couldn't quite figure out her face-up and eyes.

This is when I first got her, and she's shown here with my Iplehouse JID Ryan, Marcus:


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- Ev
Evelien, Ev for short
25 April 2012 @ 11:59 pm
I FINALLY gave Marcus, my Iplehouse JID Ryan, a faceup that I'm happy with. He doesn't have a shirt yet... but he doesn't seem to mind ;)

I love this guy. When I just got into BJDs I said I'd never get a boy doll... until I fell for this second hand hottie on the DoA Marketplace. I've had him since February 22nd but all my faceup tries failed miserably. This one isn't perfect, but I'm very happy with it for now ^^. I need to get working on clothes!!


Evelien, Ev for short
It took me a while, because the Unoa Lusis sculpt is hard to paint on. I felt a lot of pressure to make a worthy faceup on this girl for some reason. I wiped many a faceup before I finally was satisfied today. I have learned that less is more; I somehow can only do really basic, natural faceups. When I try to do eyeshadow, it gets really dirty and messy... I think I should just stop trying that :P

I know it's far from perfect and it needs some touching up, but here's the result for now: I'm happy with it and that's what counts <3

Evelien, Ev for short
05 April 2012 @ 10:17 pm
Nothing special, I just decided to test Anne's talent to model for photos... and I love her to bits ^^

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- Ev
Evelien, Ev for short
I haven't posted my third and fourth BJD yet, but I still want to take a big leap to the fifth: my Asleep Eidolon Blueberry girl. My boyfriend ordered her for me in November - she was the first BJD I'd order, but the last to arrive. She arrived on March 14th. I fell in love with the sculpt last Summer and I was a bit scared that she wouldn't be my dreamdoll anymore because I got a few other dolls since I ordered her, but she's still my favourite! Her face is just so pretty and her body mechanism is so clever, she poses like a champ. And... I'm proud of the face-up I did, I've done worse face-ups than this one..!

Meet Anne!



Evelien, Ev for short
01 April 2012 @ 08:35 pm
Whew, I've been gone way too long again. It's not like I had nothing to show you... I've been getting quite a few new dolls! I won't introduce them all at once, but one by one, so here goes.

Quite a while ago, I introduced Mya, my Lati Blue Cara. I couldn't bond with her though, so I decided to try and sell her. I didn't find a buyer, and I got the idea of creating a hybrid. Searching for possible matches for the Lati Blue body, I stumbled upon the beautiful Unoa sculpts. I bought a Lusis faceplate from Noppin and a custom-made headback by Amaeta in France, and voila, my hybrid was born!

Here's Blue:


As you can see, she doesn't have eyes or a face-up yet... And she still doesn't! I've tried a few times already, but wiped the result every time so far... She's so pretty, but really hard to paint properly. I've gained some new skills though and I've got some tiny tiny liner brushes now, so I'll keep trying ;)

Tomorrow, I'll post about the Asleep Eidolon Blueberry that my boyfriend ordered for me in November. She was and still is my dreamdoll - she arrived on March 14th and I love her!!
Evelien, Ev for short
14 January 2012 @ 12:26 am
I brought Rosie to work with me yesterday. Bad idea...


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Evelien, Ev for short
About two weeks ago, I received a little package from The Junky Spot that contained my tiny little white skin 11cm Obitsu with Muffin head. The day before her wig had arrived, but I didn't have her eyes yet. I did her faceup immediately and took some pictures of her without her eyes. I loved her right away, isn't she supercute even without eyes?


Finally, Rosie's eyes were delivered to me on the school playground (I work as a primary school teacher and our city's postwoman knows where I work) this morning!!! LOL. I had a really hard time teaching the kids knowing I'd be able to give Rosie her eyes this afternoon, and then when I wanted to leave work to head home early, I had a meeting I didn't know about. Haha! But when I FINALLY got home, I quickly put the eyes in Rosie's head. Well, quickly... I had some trouble putting them in and adjusting them, so I made some tiny cuts in her eyesockets and eventually my boyfriend did it for me because I still couldn't manage XD


But HERE SHE IS!!! She and Ellie get along sooo well. Ellie loves cuddling her and having someone to care for, and Rosie just enjoys all the attention to the fullest...


Oh, and I got an email today that my Asleep Eidolon Blueberry MSD girl will be shipped from China this week!!

- Ev